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Talking Heads – Lorenzo Sutto

Shot by ALESSANDRO OLIVA – Fashion Editor MATTEO GRECO – Groomed by GIUSEPPE LORUSSO at CLOSE UP – Video and Social Editor ITING CHEN – Casting Director ISADORA BANAUDI – Photo Assistant PAOLO LEONORI – Fashion Assistant ANUSHKA JAIN – MODEL: LORENZO SUTTO at IMG MODELS

Describe yourself in a word.
I’m insatiable (laughing).

What’s the first thing you do in the morning?
I guess… wash my face.
Among your priorities, what’s the first between all?
Make music, I’m a musician.
Your source of inspiration?
Traveling all around the world, cause when you see the world, you have much more possibilities to know things, things that become inspiration for your life.
Milano or Paris?
Milan just to work, Paris to live.


Tank top and trousers SANDRO – Sunglasses TOM FORD – Sandals COS // Tank top SANDRO – Sunglasses TOM FORD

How do you think that fashion can contribute to environmentally’s development?
Big brands could start to use much more recyclable material, natural fabrics, so other brands in turn could start to do the same and stop using disposable materials. They should also stop using animal-derived materials.

Are you scared that time can take your beauty away with him?
My hair, maybe. Not my beauty.

“If I hadn’t become a model…”
I’d become a full-time musician.
There’s a travel ticket on the table, for where would you wish it was?
I’d really wish… for New York.


T-shirt ASPESI – Turtleneck WAYERÖB – Jeans PS PAUL SMITH // Trench – MATTEO LAMANDINI

Where do you see yourself in 10 years?
In Paris, I wish, recording my album.

What’s the last movie you saw?
Johnny Suede.

Favourite Song?
There’s a million, but one of my favourite ones is Lay Me Low from Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds.


Shirt PS PAUL SMITH – Sweatshirt NIKE // T-shirt ASPESI – Turtleneck WAYERÖB – Jeans PS BY PAUL SMITH – Boots MODEL’S OWN