The Greatest #13 –
The Departure


Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran, the founders of Dimore Studio and Dimore Gallery, are two of the men featured in a issue that’s dedicated to departure on every level. Discover our interviews to Thom Browne, Lucio Corsi, Luke Edward Hall and many more on The Greatest #13 – The Departure Issue.

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For The Greatest #13, Dimore Studio’s Emiliano Salci and Britt Moran told us about the first steps in their journey towards design stardom. In Emiliano‘s words, ‘When my parents were out, perhaps visiting my grandparents or my aunt on a Sunday afternoon, I used to take my room apart. I also used to try to move the furniture, obviously scraping the floor. Then if I couldn’t move the heaviest ones, I would still find a way to turn it upside-down. The thing that I really liked to do after that was taking pictures of these still lifes I had created’. Alongside Dimore Studio, some of today’s most relevant artists and designers joined us, walking our readers through some of those early, or final, moments known as ‘departure’. The Departure Issue features our conversations with Thom Browne, Lee Wood, Lucio Corsi, Antonio Pippolini, Luke Edward Hall and much more, discover it now!