The Greatest #6 –
The Balance


Discover The Greatest #6 – The Balance Issue!
For this Issue, we met Levante, Kris Van Assche, Francesco Vezzoli and many other creatives!

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Here’s the issue of The Greatest dedicated to Balance. This particular issue features our interviews to many different creatives, such as Kris Van Assche, Humberto Leon and Carol Lim, Francesco Vezzoli, Mogwai, Levante and Sergio Colantuoni. ‘I feel like balance is the story of my life! Balance within my silhouettes, balance between my own brand and Dior, balance between my personal and my professional life, I am the king of balance’, said Kris Van Assche, commenting on The Greatest #6’s theme. What’re you waiting for? Immerse yourself in The Greatest #6 – The Balance Issue right now!

Alessandro Dal Buoni – Alessandro Furchino
Alessio Bolzoni – Lowe H Seger>
Mara Corsino – Paolo Zerbini
Stefania Paparelli – Sybille Walter