The Greatest #17 –
The Power


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Alongside other creatives, Francesco Ragazzi, the artistic director of Moncler and Palm Angels, has given shape to The Greatest #17, reflecting on the concept of ‘power’. Discover our interviews to Spencer Phipps, Charlie Charles, Ignasi Monreal and many more on The Greatest #17 – The Power Issue.

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We at The Greatest have asked creatives by the likes of Charlie Charles, Ignasi Monreal and Spencer Phipps to help us write a definition of ‘power’, dedicating issue #17 to such a unseisable matter. ‘To me, doing things other companies would be afraid of doing because of what people say is very important. In fact, I’ve always tried to create a sense of excitement, following my gut. Anyhow, I think experience is what makes a difference in the long run: if you have an intuition, but you don’t have background knowledge, you won’t be able to develop it’, told us Moncler and Palm Angels’ creative director Francesco Ragazzi, highlighting the power of freedom. The Power Issue features our conversations with Francesco Ragazzi, Spencer Phipps, Temples, Charlie Charles, Alessio Lapice, Luisa Delle Piane, Ignasi Monreal and much more, discover it now!

Alessandro Oliva – Andy Massaccesi  Anton Renborg – Ben Parks – David 
Gómez-Maestre –  Douglas Mandry 
Eugenio Intini – Fang Xiaohuan
Greg Lin Jiajie – Guen Fiore – Hyunwoo Min 
Jorge Perez Ortiz – Justin Von Oldershausen Laura Sciacovelli – Leonardo Veloce 
Manuele Geromini – Matthieu Delbreuve
Michele Di Dio – Nicolò Parsenziani
Thanos Poulimenos – Valentin Hennequin
 Yannick Schuette